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I'm back! I've made AND released my end of year animation on time (on time is sometime between Christmas day and New Year's eve). So, I hope you enjoy my simple animation that I created using the latest version of Moho:
I finally decided to try and participate in inktober this year. I've actually been thinking about it for quite a few years. It also coincides with my desire to try and start drawing every day again like I used to before I started working. It's gotten to the point where I only draw for special occasions now =\
So, I think this will work out, especially since I've just been dying to draw =E
I'm feeling a lot better, however my schedule has been pretty busy lately (I'm trying to remedy that). I did take some time out to post some of my best photos that I've taken since I bought my Nikon D600. And with the Quantum Qflash and accessories that I've recently bought, I'm extremely pleased with the better lighting I have now for indoor pictures. I've done a little drawing for gift art, so I'll work on posting that soon. At present, I'm trying to organize my house. So once that's done, then it'll be more friendly to drawing, which I hope will encourage the production of more art for your viewing pleasure. I've also decided to move forward with turning one of my adventure stories about Holly going camping in Hawaii into a comic book rather than a hard back picture book (comic books seem to be popular once again among the masses). Then I'll adapt it to other mediums as the need arises...
Unfortunately, I haven't felt well lately, and when I don't feel well, I don't feel like drawing (or thinking for that matter) >_<
Maybe things will change soon...
Getting ready for HawaiiCon this year. I decided to attend Friday because Siya Oum is going to be there. She did an awesome cover variant for Spider-Gwen that I want to get signed. I'll also get a Dachshund commission while I'm at it =D

Still working on the descriptions in the gallery. I have new art to add when I get the chance...
I've been working on updating all the descriptions for my cartoons that I've posted. I've done all the ones that I was able to pull descriptions for from the database dump of my old site. Now I'm working on the rest that I haven't done yet. I think there's about 4 years to complete. After I'm done, I'll start posting new art...
It's been a while since my last post (almost a year)! Amazing Hawaii Comic Con was awesome, and my first comic book convention. I've attended an anime and a scifi convention in the past, but my favorite was Amazing Hawaii Comic Con. I got to meet lots of professional artists and get lots of commissions of Dachshunds (I love Dachshunds). I even got to buy an original splash page from a spiderman comic book. And best of all...I got to meet Stan Lee in person, which I've wanted to do for about 5 years or so now! So I was very happy, despite all the money I spent >_<

Although I haven't written anything lately, I have been posting finished art here. I've begun to start cranking stuff out again, especially now that I'm taking an art course. When I'm done I "should" be able to submit a 4-5 page comic to the anthology that the course will print to sell. I'm going to do it, but I'm not sure if the book will be printed because students aren't finishing the course (it's two 6 week courses). If it isn't printed, I'll share it here. If it is, you'll just have to buy it to read it =P

Life is busy with work, so don't expect too many posts. Until next time...oh, and Hilo has a new comic book store! So check it out. I've been stopping by to grab some titles that I like to read and collect...
I just wanted to say that it was a blast and I thank all the artists who came out to lil ol Hawaii! I'll post more tomorrow...I need my beauty sleep!
I'm really excited about attending Amazing Hawaii Comic Con! I bought my tickets last week, so I'm pretty much all set to go. Stan Lee is the main reason I'm going, but there will be other greats there, as well. I'm only attending Saturday, so I'll probably be busy waiting in lines all day long [sigh]. It was unfortunate I wasn't quick enough to buy VIP passes, though (sold out 450 VIP passes in less than 3 days). I'll be posting my gift art for Stan Lee shortly when it's done...
Now that that is finally taken care of (shudders), I can focus more attention to DA. I have to say that I enjoy seeing other's work posted on the homepage, sometimes even giving me ideas for my own stuff =3
But right now I need to finish up the descriptions and figure out how posting flash works =\
This being the first day setting up my DA account, I'll be busy posting the stuff from my web site. I'll have to add the descriptions later when I figure out how to access the WordPress database that has all the descriptions of the art I'm posting. I've forgotten the extremely hard password the database requires you to create =\
Don't expect lots of entries! I have to keep up with FaceBook too =P